Hi All,

I am doing a load test for a 3-tier ASP.NET web site and I want to see connection numbers, and effect of connection numbers configuration changes in the service config files.

Here is my questions:
Is there anyway to see connection numbers on directly services on the service machine ?
Right Now, I can see only calls, call pser second for the services. (Buw I dont know whether these calls directly menas connection numbers)

I can see connection Established counter under TCPv4 counter object (since All of the 3 Wcf services work with net:tcp binding I think this number also meaningful)

But it is interesting to see still very low (about 130) connnection Established numbers in TCPv4 counter within perfmon, while testing with 1000 users..

and all connection numbers on WCF service config file are high (everything set to 10000)

Has anybody got opinions for this ? So please help me

Best Regards,