Hi all,

My company is currently in the process of adopting an enterprise-wide SOA implementation. We (the QC team - mainly focus on system test) recently met with the SOA Adoption team, who proceeded to tell us that our role will move to a more auditing type role - basically verify that the developers have completed the necessary test artifacts (at the unit, integration, system & acceptance level). So the developers are now involved at testing at every level and we are there custodians.

We are now trying to figure out if this is industry-standard (which he mentioned it was) or if it is more common for the developers to write unit/integration tests and for the testers to expand on these scripts for system/acceptance testing.

At the same time, we are trying to get our head around which tools we would use to do what. We would use a unit test tool at the unit test level, a SOA test tool at the integration level - but what do we use at the system/acceptance test level. Do we use the SOA test tool in combination with a traditional UI tool? Is there even a need for the UI tool anymore? I would think we'd still drive tests through the GUI or ESB at some point?

If you could explain how your QA/QC team fits into a SOA environment, and which tools you are responsible for I think that would be a great help.