hi everyone,

I'm conducting a small research using selenium, the problem i'm facing right now is, what kind of metrics or measures that i can use to grade selenium, from its efficiency, performance, or just about anything that can be measure out of this tool. the case study is just a simple php application for administering students registration.

i've googled using "metric for functional test" as keyword, but havent found anything simple(i really hope theres any).

so the idea is after this research complete, I can say to may superior something like, "ok, selenium is efficient and effectif for this case, according to this number..."

i can guess what you guys thinking now,
yes i'm new with this testing stuff and i really interested in learning it.
yes, my question is just plain dumb, i don't even know am I asking the correct question, but I hope you guys know where this is going, and would kindly enough to tell me [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

any responds is appreciated, and i hope I'm asking in the right thread..