Apologies if this is not the forum for such a generic question.

As our organisation moves to an Agile project methodology, we need to be able to rapidly automate applications as they are built up over a number of sprints, adding to the tests / test suites as we go, to create a re-useable test pack that can be maintained by more than one tester.

I understand fully how to create a framework for this using Webdriver and CI. The issue we have currently is the lack of Webdriver experience and the overheads in training testers to code. We're therefore looking at proving (or otherwise) the use of the Selenium IDE as either an interim or medium term solution. Potential might be to port Selenese tests / suites to e.g. Webdriver Java/Junit at a later date.

A few questions:-

1. Can Selenese scripts (HTML) be usefully built into suites that can be maintained by multiple team members
2. What prospect (if any) is there to benefit from Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins) when 'builds' consist only of Selenese scripts? I don't understand how this might work without a supporting tool such as Maven to manage builds
3. Assuming that managing Selenese scripts in a CI environment is a non-starter, what alternative frameworks exist that might support using SeleniumIDE / Selenese as the primary automation tool? We need the option to run suites on schedules, if not to be triggered by code check ins.

My initial thoughts are to simply rule out CI and create an online Subversion repository to manage version control. We can then perhaps using a Windows or custom scheduler to run the scripts.