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Thread: Does selenium web driver Automate Map functionality?

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    Does selenium web driver Automate Map functionality?

    I am in the process is selecting a country called US from the Maps(it's not Google maps, its jvectormaps), but WebDriver actually selects a different State. This is not a timing issue, a state is selected it is just the incorrect state.
    I have tried using Xpath selector but it's clicking on different state rather than what i expected(US). I want to select the Marker by multiples clicks o the state.
    Order: US->California->Santaclara->Sanjose.

    Expected: There a marker on San jose which i need to select. but before selenium fails to clicking on all these different states before. I have hard coded this but it's not working.


    It's not a timings issue. And I have tried all the below alternatives to click on the Map/Area element,none of them worked for me.

    List<WebElement> map = mDriver.findElement(By.id("world-map")).findElements(By.tagName("path"));
    for (int i=0;i<map.size();i++){
    if (map.get(i).getAttribute("data-code").equalsIgnoreCase("IN--2")){
    Actions action = new Actions(mDriver);
    //WebElement we = mDriver.findElement(By.xpath("html/body/div[13]/ul/li[4]/a"));
    action.moveToElement(map.get(i)).build().perform() ;

    Please help me to give your valuable suggestion.

    ~ Raghavan
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    See if you can reformulate the xpath expressions without the hard coded indexes. If the page is loading ajax or has JavaScript generating the elements, the index could be different each time since elements could be created a different order.

    If you can create or link to an online example demonstrating the problem, than I could take a further look.
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    Looking at jvectormap.com. Since it's javascript based with an api, I would look into making calls to that directly or try to fire the appropriate javascript events. Rather than trying to map to xpath.

    Also looks like you could map it by class.
    i.e. looking in firebug for Greenland it has this with a nice unique "data code" that you should be able to work into a driver.findElement(By.className

    <path class="jvectormap-region jvectormap-element" d="M304.13,6.6l8.19,-3.63l8.72,0.28l0.19,-0.06l3.12,-2.28l8.75,-0.61l19.94,0.8l14.93,4.75l-3.92,2.01l-9.52,0.27l-13.48,0.6l-0.27,0.2l0.09,0.33l1.26,1.09l0.22,0.07l8.81,-0.67l7.49,2.07l0.19,-0.01l4.68,-1.78l1.76,1.84l-2.59,3.26l-0.01,0.36l0.34,0.11l6.35,-2.2l12.09,-2.32l7.31,1.14l1.17,2.13l-9.9,4.05l-1.43,1.32l-7.91,0.98l-0.26,0.31l0.29,0.29l5.25,0.25l-2.63,3.72l-2.02,3.61l-0.04,0.15l0.08,6.05l0.07,0.19l2.61,3.0l-3.4,0.2l-4.12,1.66l-0.04,0.54l4.5,2.67l0.53,3.9l-2.39,0.42l-0.19,0.48l2.91,3.83l-5.0,0.32l-0.27,0...l2.62,-4.1l-0.03,-0.36l-1.51,-1.75l-1.97,-3.3l-3.01,-5.21l-0.1,-0.11l-3.04,-1.85l0.03,-1.94l-0.18,-0.28l-6.82,-3.01l-5.35,-0.38l-6.69,0.21l-6.03,0.37l-2.81,-1.59l-3.84,-2.9l5.94,-1.5l5.01,-0.28l0.28,-0.29l-0.26,-0.31l-10.68,-1.38l-5.38,-2.1l0.27,-1.68l9.3,-2.6l9.18,-2.68l0.19,-0.16l0.97,-2.05l-0.18,-0.42l-6.29,-1.91l1.81,-1.9l8.58,-4.05l3.6,-0.63l0.23,-0.4l-0.92,-2.37l5.59,-1.5l7.66,-0.95l7.58,-0.05l2.65,1.84l0.31,0.02l6.52,-3.29l5.85,2.24l3.55,0.49l5.17,1.95l0.38,-0.16l-0.13,-0.39l-5.77,-3.16l0.29,-2.26Z" data-code="GL" fill="white" fill-opacity="1" stroke="none" stroke-width="0" stroke-opacity="1" fill-rule="evenodd">
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