I am in the very early stages of a new project that is cored on MS Dynamics CRM 2011. I am looking for an automation tool for regression test (IE / Firefox / others). I am leaning towards Selenium WebDriver, and would like to hear peoples anecdotal stories around this. ( Watir is another thought but not for this thread)


* Gets job done, leaving few holes in coverage
* Inexpensive: open source or under $3k for core setup single dev seat + some runtime seats )
* Is popular in that one has an easy time of finding forums where questions can be answered
* Project is active, has not be dormant for 12+ months
* Tool with value for Dev & QA- (open up doors to other benefits)
* Learning curve is easy to moderate - web resource exist to teach oneself
* Has an IDE like Selenium for Firefox for quick baselines more extensive scripting efforts

and a dozen other things :-)