Hi All,
Our test automation team using Selenium Web Driver are using Xstudio as a test management tool (it's free!!) and I should admit it's a great tool. However, it didn't have an option where we could store our entire Selenium-Java project (with all its dependent jars, customized jars and support libraries, datatables to drive data driven testing etc) directly on the Xstudio database (unlike Quality Center where everything resides on the Quality Center SQL Server). Due to this limitation, we have to have the local copies of our entire automation suite on all the remote as well as local machines so we could run any test from any machine. This is eating up space on all our machines. The only link between Xstudio and our local Selenium-Java project is a launcher which is directly coupled with the individual Jnuit test cases which are the only files uploaded and saved on Xstudio. So my question is, are there any test management tools out there, which can truly act as a centralized repository for our entire Selenium-Java projects without we having to have local copies in our machines? Any help regarding this will be truly appreciated.