Hey everyone,

Im having an issue with WebDriver and IE9 handling authentication dialog boxes. I got around the authentication dialog issue by adding the IE registry fix and then added the username/password to the URL string such as:

This works and I now don't get prompted, however, as soon as I log into the app I get the following error:
The URL is invalid or violates the same-origin security restriction.

This has caused me all kinds of issues. As a bit of background, everything I'm running should be client-side and this ONLY ever happens in IE9.

I've tried replacing localhost with my PC same and had the same issue. It seems no matter what I try, I'll always get this error and it causes my scripts to fail when executing against IE9. Again, Firefox and Chrome work perfectly without any issues. I've tried everything from adding my PC name, domain, even my IP address - I'll still trigger this error as soon as I load up the app.

I'm at a loss how to work around this, as I've tried everything I could find online to bypass this error from IE, but nothing seemed to have worked for me. Even adding my domain as apart of the trusted sites didn't correct it.

I'm open to any/all suggestions - I apologize if I left out something obvious (looking at the same issue for days and days might do that), so any questions please ask. I wish now more than ever Selenium would add support for authentication dialog boxes, but so far that isn't an option for me so the only choice is to work around it.

Thanks to all who help [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]