I was wondering, what JVM scripting languages do you use with Selenium, if any?

E.g. Groovy, Scala, JRuby, Jython, Beanshell, etc.

And second, have you encountered any issues using Selenium in those JVM languages that are not present when using normal Java, e.g. JVM language specific issues with Selenium?

I personally use Beanshell because it can run Java code mostly "as is" in an interpreter shell session. Useful to try out test code snippets w/o writing up an actual Java class/test to compile and run.

So far, for Beanshell, there's an issue with WebElement.sendKeys that you have to work around and I seem to find issue running javascript executor under Beanshell.

So was just wondering if Beanshell is just a slightly problematic language to use with WebDriver, or do some of the other JVM languages run into such issue types as well. Particularly Groovy since it's popular and I see from another post in this forum we have Groovy Selenium users here.