Hi all,

We have a ASP.Net web application(3-tier and 3 layer application).
We want to use any opensource automation tool for in order to automate the application.

Requirement details are as follows :-
1) Technology used - ASP.net
2) Language - C#
3) Web browsers - IE and Firefox
4) Operating systems - Windows XP and Windows 7.
5) Less learning curve as my resources would be from Testing team and may not coding expert
6) Better productivity for creating new scripts so that it would not increase much cost for new enhancements
7) Better Reporting feature for easy analysis of failure scenarios
8) Ease of Maintenance
9) Overall Test Script creation and execution and maintenance cost (initial + resource) should be less.

Important note :-
While performing any business flow, in between user need to execute the excutable files(kept at local machine ie. control goes out of the

web-browser window) to proceed further.
We need such automation tool which will capture actions performed outside the web-browser window and create a scripts of such actions.
And create scripts for web-services.

We are open to multiple compatible and feasible tools to fullfill our exact requirement.

Kindly can you tell us any good open source such tool.

Awaiting replies, please do the needful.

Kind regards,