Hoping someone could enlighten me on the right way to proceed. I have two questions:

I have been doing manual testing combined with Se IDE scripts, but want to move on to full automated testing using Selenium's Webdriver on firefox and safari.
- Se IDE does not have an option to export a file in php format for webdriver, and I can only find documentation for php support classes for Selenium RC.
Does this mean that Se Webdriver does not support testing of Joomla applications ?
- Trying to move along, I wrote a basic junit test where I opened a firefox browser and tried to access some elements. But I ran into several issues:
- my page elements are dynamic with changing id's, and :contains is not supported in webdriver and so I had to inject sizzle to make it work,
- I had to use implicit waits and looping for a period of time until I found the element I needed
- Now I have to click on an option in a pull down menu in order to get to the basic functionality of the application, but I get a: ElementNotVisibleException: so may not be interacted with, because apparently webdriver only allows access to what the actual user would see, except that in this case, a user would have to click on the top level in order to see the options.

So my last question is: Is this the nature of automated testing with selenium webdriver, it just seems like I am doing things the hard way.

thanks for your thoughts on this subject.