Perhaps others think differently, but I've found it quite nice to be able to drive Selenium and WebDriver from an interpreter shell, rather than a script/code file that you have to modify, save, (possibly compile), run, set breakpoint, repeat.

Using interpreter is more on the interactive than using a debugger plus script/code. This option is available to Python, Ruby, and PHP. It just occurred to me this can kind of be done with Java via tools like Beanshell interpreter.

So just wondering whether anyone has tried using Beanshell or similar for Selenium / WebDriver to use it interactively?

I saw some related post for using it to start server or run script for JMeter or in Eclipse. Though I was thinking of just using Beanshell as a shell and fire off Java API commands for Selenium / WebDriver to make it do stuff for debugging and testing (e.g. finding/testing locators).

FYI, once you get things working, you can then integrate into script/code and do final test/verify as well as debug/fix timing problems that are not inherent in an interactive environment.