I'm testing a third party flash player. There is a play button on the page that I do not have access too. I'm well aware that there is no way to get access to this play button unless they write an external interface for it or use flash injections. However, I have found a variable called autoplay. When autoplay is set to 1 the video plays right away once it loads. Problem solved except the only way I have been able to set this variable is using Firebug.

The page is set up as follows. When the page loads a flash app loads that asks if you want to be recorded. Once you allow the camera you then click a ready button. This then hides the camera app and makes visible the flash video player app. If I refresh page I get the camera app, open firebug, modify the embed tag for the flash object. Click the ready button and the video player plays video.

Is there anyway for selenium 2.0 to set the autoplay value or edit the embed tag like I did in firebug?

I'm also writing this in Python if that matters.