Just wondering if anyone has used Selenium with interactive interpreter shells, via Python or Ruby. I believe those are the only such options aside from their Java/.NET equivalents of JRuby, Jython, IronPython, etc.

If so, how have you used it and why use it? Just wanted to get some ideas.

I've found it quite useful for debugging Selenium commands for a test and finding locators. Sure there's Firebug, but you still have to test locator in action with Selenium via code, etc.

And for other languages but also including Python and Ruby, guess you can set breakpoints in code via IDE/debugger and do single stepping of test execution.

But using interpreter shell, I can bring up and teardown Selenium as I choose, w/o an IDE/debugger either. Quick way to test things out. Course for testing something that has dependency of being on certain state or page (logged in, etc.) requires additional work. Either type them all manually to interpreter shell or invoke a stub script from interpreter that executes all the commands up to the point you want to test/debug.

But of course this works best if your test is written as Python or Ruby. Might be ok if it was in Java/.NET if you use Jython/JRuby or IronPython.