Dear All,

I am facing a very peculiar issue in my Selenium automation script. I am writing Selenium RC scripts with Java and run it using TestNG framework in Eclipse IDE. The script goes like this. Once a radio button is clicked, a dropdown menu should display. Once we select a value in the dropdown, a button should display. The code is diven below,"editFI"); //editFI is the radio button"fiListing", "label=2344"); //selecting the option "2344" from the dropdown "fiListing""fiSelecting"); //clicking the submit button which will display after selecting the option

This code works fine in Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Google chrome, Mac Safari browsers. But it is not working in IE7, IE8 & IE9 browsers. The problem I face in IE browsers is given below.

In IE7 & IE8 browsers, after the radio button is clicked, the dropdown is not displaying.
In IE 9 browser, the dropdown is displaying after clicking the radio button. But the button is not displaying after selecting any value in the dropdown.

Its not working, even if I give some sleep time between the commands. When I do this manually, the functionality works fine in all IE browsers. Please help me in finding a solution for this IE specific problem.

Thanks in advance!!!

~ Harri...