Guys ,

Have you guys tried selenium with dynatrace reporting solution it is a very cool stuff.

but unfortunetly i did the setting mention in the site as following but there SET SCRIPT PATH and , and %SELENIUM RC% wording are blur for me , can u explain if any of you familiar

content from the site -------

The following batch file sets the necessary environment variables to

a) activate the dynaTrace AJAX Add-On in IE and b) specifiy a custom session name:
@echo off
set SELENIUM_RC=C:\selenium\selenium-server.jar
set SCRIPT_PATH=%~dp0

rem dynaTrace AJAX IE agent settings
set DT_IE_SESSION_NAME=Google_SeleniumTest

java -jar %SELENIUM_RC% -log exec.log -htmlSuite "*iexplore" ""
"%SCRIPT_PATH%\GoogleSuite.html" "%SCRIPT_PATH%\GoogleResults.html"

doubt in (%SELENIUM_RC% , set SCRIPT_PATH=%~dp0 ) content