I hope someone can help me out with this. I am using selenium RC 1.03.

I want to be able to use javascript or regular expressions with the "check" method for verifying/validating results.

I have three examples of how i plan to use the check method below:
1. !|check|getSelectedLabel|jquery=#TermTypeID|Net 10%|
2. !|check|getSelectedLabel|jquery=#TermTypeID|javasc ript{var tmp="Net 10%";tmp;}|
3. !|check|getSelectedLabel|jquery=#TermTypeID|regexp :.*Net 10%.*|

Example number 1 is ok. My problem is with examples #2 and 3.

example #2 fails with the following message
Expected: javascript{var tmp="Net 10%";tmp;}
Actual: Net 10%

I need the check method to evaluate the javascript expression BEFORE doing the compare. Is there a way to do this? I certainly couldn't figure it out and this very important. I like using the check method because it shows the actual results and differences when there is a failure.

Thanks in advance for your help.