Iam testing with Selenium-rc 1.0.3 and I am getting a permission denied error message in IE when I run my IDE script from the command line using selenium RC

I am trying to run an IDE script in internet explorer using the selenium control RC 1.0.3 from CLI -->java -jar selenium-server.jar -htmlsuite "*iexploreproxy" "url address/where" "C:\Users\sat\Documents\selenium\suite.html" "C:\Users\sat\Documents\selenium scripts\results.htm" at this point the IE window pops up saying as below

"do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? I hit no and I see this error in the test runner window Webpage error details

Message: Access is denied. Line: 177 Char: 9 Code: 0 URI: xx.xx.xx.xxx/selenium-server/core/scripts/selenium-testrunner.js

I looked at line 177 and char :9 in the script and it points to

var runInterval = 0;

/** SeleniumFrame encapsulates an iframe element */ var SeleniumFrame = classCreate(); objectExtend(SeleniumFrame.prototype, {

initialize : function(frame) {
this.frame = frame;
addLoadListener(this.frame, fnBind(this._handleLoad, this));

getWindow : function() {
return this.frame.contentWindow;

getDocument : function() {
return this.frame.contentWindow.document; - line 177 char 9

_handleLoad: function() {
if (this.loadCallback) {
Do you know what the error is about? why do I get that. I see my test cases and everything in the test runner window but I cant run them in the IE browser due to this error. I searched the web with no avail. Any input is greatly appreciated

I deleted the cookies, running RC as an admin but this error still blocks me from running the tests in the selenium test runner page