Hello everyone,

This is Bharath, from Bangalore. I have worked on QTP for the past 3 years...and for a recent project, the client had this requirement for Automation of a web application.

1. the test scripts should use PHP scripting
2.Selenium RC needs to be integrated with PHPUnit.

these are the questions I have, that needs your guidance.

1. I have lots of confusions, from where do I start. I have begun with Selenium Documentation, in which I have not found much about PHP scripting on Selenium RC. It says, the documentation is yet to be developed. I would like to know
A. the IDE I could use? Since RC can be used with Eclipse, and most of the PHP scripting done on IDEs like, komodo,zend studio, i would like to know, what are the steps i need to follow if i am using Eclipse. I understand , if i am going to use Eclipse, i would need to use certain plugins for php development.
B.With Selenium within the scope, what are the essential things I should be knowing on this?

2. I would to know, the steps to integrate PHPUnit with Selenium.

3. What is the version you would suggest for Selenium? would that be - 1.0 or 2.0, which has web-driver integration? Would WebDriver be useful, with any additional features for the solution?

4. I used Selenium IDE, and with its Capture and playback feature, I could generate PHP scripts, And RC has a feature that can import IDE generated Scripts. And this is where, the documentation ended and there was no further information about the next steps.

And any other inputs, that could be of help, is very much appreciated.

I would be posting few of my experiences on this project, which is going to start from April'11.

Some of my queries could be annoying, which i had come up with a couple of days digging-in. I would hope to find any useful links on this, that could make things easier in my work.

Thank you all,