ok i've been bashing my head against the wall the past few days in order to make the flashSelenium coloredSquare example to run. After a couple of wall breakthroughs and my head hurting I eventually run into an 32bit "wall" which was a bug related to the following log: NPMethod called on non-NPObject wrapped JSObject! So ..I quit trying to make it work.

I discovered then that there was another project by the same team called FlexUISelenium which requires you to recompile your flash component of the application, including one of their libraries first and then writing your tests using seleniumRC.

Now, before I dedicate another day into this I would like to know the following...

is there anyone, anyone at all, that has managed by using these two components (seleniumRC, flexUIselenium) to create succesfully, a full blown automated testcase using DPLs, logic etc for a web application which also has a flash(swf) part???

if yes, can you point me to any tutorials besides the flexUIselenium page?

if not, are there any other free tools that can help me with this ?