Hi Selenium experts there..Chanced upon a quite interesting behavior of Selenium today which caused fail my tests in RC, where the equivalent command in IDE passes smooth. The situation is of an assertText statement, shown below in IDE

assertText | //h2 | exact:Home *Page

when exported to JUnit4 turned up as
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
assertTrue(selenium.getText("//h2").matches("^exact:Home [\\s\\S]*Page$"));
</pre><hr />
The same format was there for JUnit3 and even for other languages. My AUT has the //h2 element with text 'Home *Page' and Selenium IDE was showing it pass. But in RC, the above command failed. And it passed right when I removed the 'exact' keyword from the RC statement.

Is the keyword 'exact' really required over there, or an error? If it's so, somebody pls raise it in Selenium Jira.