Hi All,

I am venkat and am new to SELENIUM. I explored Selenium IDE and RC and got familiar to basic functionalities. But my requirement is to fetch a value which will dynamically generates after entering all the pre-requisite values.

For Ex: Assuming an Insurance application, after entering all the required fields, the system will generate an autogenerated Policy number like below:

The policy number generated for the customer

Version: ec-123#ABCD$7899.

My Actual requirement from the above example is how to fetch the value corresponds to "ABC" and "Version" fields?

I know Regular expressions can be constructed for the value which generates in a constant manner. In my case also the results will generated as mentioned above, but donot know how to regularise it thru SELENIUM RC.

Please help me in this regard.

PS: I searched in this forum but didn't get the required answer. Also I know how to use regular expressions in QTP but not in RC.