Hi Techies,

I have web application to automate. I am using C# code with Visual Studio 2010 IDE to code selenium RC.

I have a screen and when i click the image which is present in main screen, it will open a lookup window to search and select some name.
Here i am not able to pass commands to popup window...
I used below code and no luck...
string[] popupids = selenium.GetAllWindowIds();
for (int i = 0; i < popupids.Length; i++)
selenium.WaitForPopUp(popupids[i], "30000");
selenium.Click("css=input[id$='_LookupFooterImageButton']"); --> This is the line which is going to click the image to open lookup window.
Lookup window name is "Associate"

Can anybody help me on this?

Thx in advance.