I am amazingly confused here in regards to how selenium deals with pop-ups and confirmations. I am using Python RC client and have employed:

All is semi fine if I scale back the timeout :
sel.set_timeout("5000") and use exception handling on the
triggering of the dialog.

However when I try and dismiss the resultant pop up after the popup is silently dealt with, things get beyond my control.

I get the following exception, which I cannot continue from even with
try: except: .. which is surprising::

Exception: ERROR: There was an unexpected Confirmation! [
Are you sure that you want to RESOURCE instead of filing a DELIVERY ISSUE FIRST?
Click OK to continue sourcing.

This appears to be comming from
selenium-api.js::Selenium.prototype.ensureNoUnhandledPopups = function()

What am I missing here? How can I make it so that subsequent actions do not cause this exception that I cannot handle?

I would hate to dummy out that function in the jar file, but I am finding this very frustrating.