I want to run my automated tests against Google Chrome (currently on Windows XP, Chrome v4) however I run into an untrusted certificate page each time I visit our test environment's login page as you are redirected from "http" to "https". My tests predominantly start via the login page to authenticate to the test environment with different test user accounts.

Scenarios I've tried using selenium server v2.0a2 with java version 1.6.0:

Running the selenium server like so: java -jar selenium-server.jar
Running the selenium driver like so in C#: new DefaultSelenium("[TEST_ENV_IP]", 4444, "*googlechrome", "https://mytestenv.com/");
<ul type="square">[*]Started selenium server using the "-trustAllSSLCertificates" flag[*] Started selenium server using the "-proxyInjectionMode -userContentTransformation https http" flag[*] From the 'untrusted certificate' page displayed on Google Chrome, I saved and imported this certificate into the "trusted root certificate" and "trusted publisher" tabs[*] I also had Google Chrome allow the certificate, however, this is only good for the initial session regardless if I started my selenium server using the "-browserSessionReuse" flag[/list]
The above trials all failed.

NOTE: Running the same automated tests against IE or FF run without problems.

Any stellar minds out there that can help out either with any workarounds|solutions to the above situation?