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    Selenium x TestPartner


    Has anyone called a Selenium script from TestPartner before?

    In particular, I'd like to call the core functions from VBA without using a server.


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    Re: Selenium x TestPartner

    selenium js code is written into the browser through the selenium server. The js is selenium.

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    Re: Selenium x TestPartner


    I figured out how to run it from the command line, and it runs the scripts written in the IDE. My next puzzle is the reporting and screenshots.

    In particular, what I'd like to do is:
    Run a script
    Record whether it Passed or Failed (and more info+details would be helpful)
    Take a screenshot when it fails

    Has anyone done this already? I'm fairly new to Selenium and I'd like to avoid modifying the source code too much if it is unsupported.

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    Re: Selenium x TestPartner

    imho wrong forums, post in tp forums.

    I think everybody in here uses selenium rc which can be programmed using java, .net etc selenium ide is limited but maybe it's enough for what you need

    imho just write what you need in java/whatever (but obv not selenium ide) and start your testrun using a batch file

    i think you can take screenshots in selenium rc but i'm not 100% sure.

    in case you wanna stick with ide: have you tried selenium testrunner included with it? i think you can trigger it using the url when u start it from the ide

    e.g. this opened one of my test runs




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