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    Automating Selenium Tutorial

    I've spent the better part of this morning teaching myself Selenium, and I've got a few questions now.

    I'm currently going through this tutorial (Automating Selenium Tests ), but I am not able to get the correct result. The windowed TestRunner is opening up properly, and I see click-able links to my tests, but TestRunner does not run the tests at all. I select Run Test, nothing at all happens. Any ideas there?

    Also, localhost is the host of the site I am testing against, correct? (ie. my tests start at DrJays, localhost is http://www.drjays.com?)

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    Re: Automating Selenium Tutorial

    Those commands are for Selenium Core, until and unless you installed selenium core and execute this command at selenium core command prompt (in your webserver, where Selenium core should be installed) you cant see the result. when you started learning newly then better don't follow this document now only. First learn Selenium IDE, once comfortable then start Selenium RC



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