We're now done creating and running testscripts in selenium-rc using php-phpunit framework. Is there someone here who knows how to generate a result file (.txt, .xls format maybe), we're planning to send it automatically by email. I'm a beginner/elementary in php and I did check some classes in phpunit but I'm having a hard time understanding it [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]. I use the TestSuite class (included on selenium rc example) to organize the testcases and run it using Pear.

if (!defined('PHPUnit_MAIN_METHOD')) {
define('PHPUnit_MAIN_METHOD', 'TestSuite::main');
require_once 'PHPUnit/Framework.php';
require_once 'PHPUnit/TextUI/TestRunner.php';
require_once 'PHPUnit.php';
require_once '<testcase.php>';

class TestSuite
public static function main()
public static function suite()
$suite = new PHPUnit_Framework_TestSuite('PHPUnit Framework');
return $suite;
if (PHPUnit_MAIN_METHOD == 'Framework_AllTests::main') {

This is the only info I can provide. Comments, suggestion?

thanks a lot and more power!!!