I am very new to Selenium IDE. Would you please help me to get the second number in the list.

I used the regular expression below to get the first number,"159374" in HTML by the following command in IDE

storeEval this.browserbot.bodyText().match(/[()0-9]{6}/) number1

So I got the number "159374" and store it into number1

Now I would like to get the second number "880165" and store it into number2
How should I bypass the first number and get only the number?

THE HTML below:

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2" border="0">
<td class="smtxtBl" valign="top">Security Code(s): </td>

<div class="smtxt">159374</div><br/>

<div class="smtxt">880165</div><br/>

<div class="smtxt">843769</div><br/>

<div class="smtxt">888700</div><br/>

<div class="smtxt">804742</div><br/>