I work as a software tester I want to use a product called webproxy
2.1, a proxy server software that used to be made by a company called
@stake--now owned by symantec.

I want to be able to intercept a page, then submit a page with an
option that doesn't exist on the page and see if I can get the
application to give me data that I am not authorized to see.

When I test the application normally (without the web proxy software running)

The application has an https address: https://XXXtest.company_name.com

I am redirected to: https://XXXtest.companyname.com/clea..._logon_en.html

where I get an LDAP log in screen. After I put in my user name and
password, I am redirected to the splash screen for the application at:


I've been able to install the application, change my LAN settings in
IE to use a proxy connection, and I've changed the proxy settings to
be: with a port of 5111 for http and with a port of 5112 for https

and I can then browse the internet through the web proxy software.

However (after I start the webproxy application) and try to connect to
the https://XXXtest.company_name.com site, I get a page not found

In terms of setup, I have installed the web proxy certificate
authority cert, as outlined in the readme information.

I think the issue may be due to the fact that my company requires each
authorized user to obtain a digital cert from the company's server
before we can access the https address. That cert is installed on my

What should I try next? Thanks!