I'm looking for specific info on how to use RATS beyond what it says on the man page and the help menu.

What do I have to do so that RATS ignores the lines that contain the // RATS: ignore directive? I execute

./rats -d rats-c.xml -w3 filename

but RATS does not ignore a line that I have marked to be ignored inside the file. I can't even write a -- directive in this line such as --html. I can only do that executing

rats -d rats-c.xml -w3 --html filename

but there is no output this way.

Does anyone know where there is detailed info on RATS? I wrote to securesoftware.com and they told me it was on their $59-book Building Secure Software...(sorry, don't have that).

Also...is there a directive to ignore the "ignores" like Flawfinder's --neverignore?
Any help is welcomed. Thanx

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