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    A Step to first success!

    hi all!
    A few days ago i appeared for an interview for the position of Software Quality Assurance Consultant for a newly established medium size corporation.Last day surprisingly I got that though i have only one year experience and i applied just for the experience
    My responsibilties are to establish SQA deptt. for them with a special focus on security.
    My question is that how i should take start and about the first presentation should be.How to calculate expenditures? and at the last what is security what to test and how to test
    Note: Please don't pass me reference of the books.I Pakistan SQA books are not available.


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    Re: A Step to first success!

    well, if you have access to a web-browser, then amazon.com or bookpool.com are available and hence books are available. without the relvant experience to do this on your own, the only way to truly learn about this is to read and experiment. the process is too big for anyone person to tell you in a forum.


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    Re: A Step to first success!

    I agree...If this is something that is initially over your head, then the only thing you can do to succeed at this is to find a way to get ahold of books. They can be more than a teaching tool but also a great reference in some cases.


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    Re: A Step to first success!

    Books were great for me when I was braving new ground, but wished I would have also investigated Training more so. However, getting the $$$ for training early on can be difficult I hear.

    Will Riley
    Will Riley

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    Re: A Step to first success!


    Most of the security testing is done manually, and little experience can help you setup a QA department. Some experience of using online banking, i guess, can let you prepare the test cases for the application. Always take a look at the design code and try to answer as a potentail hacker, how can it be cracked?

    TestDirector will help you manage the tests, and to track the bugs previously reported.

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    Re: A Step to first success!

    Setting up a QA dept is a good responsibility
    1)Define the dept activitities both in Assurance and control activities
    2)Verify the budget available for implementing the QA fns in org.
    3)Set some of the goals and milestones to be achieved.
    4)Identify the people with the required skills to support the dept.
    5)kick start the operations
    6)periodically review the dept activities and achievments
    7)Start collecting some of the relevant matrices to measure the dept effectiveness
    8)build team work and good working atmosphere


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    Re: A Step to first success!

    Ask the people who hired you, "What exactly are we testing?"
    Then, based upon that answer you should start hiring your team.
    During this process, you can work on who in your team will do what activity.



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