Hey all,

i'm using QA Wizard to test a web application and my problem is the scripts need to be a little long and extensive so this is causing my iexplore.exe process to go over 200MB mem usage which causes the IE window to freeze completely and therefore the tests either timeout or fail.

there's a quick and dirty workaround to the memory usage problem and that is to minimize the IE window and maximize it again. So what i've done so far is used Alt+Space then N to minimize the window and then used the built-in function BROWSERWINDOWPOS("Window0", MAXIMIZE)to minimize and maximize the browser window. i thought this would work and it did but i ran into another problem, the very next step after minimizing that interacts with the browser causes the browser window to close and script to stop execution, the annoying part is i don't get any error messages or reports to see why it closed the IE window.

if anybody has any clue why this is happening i'd much appreciate it, also if anybody knows another trick to clear the process mem usage i'd appreciate it too.

Thanks in advance.