I'm having a real tough time with something in QA Wizard right now and I'm not sure if it's a limitation or if it's just me.

To put it simply, the script is supposed to do the following:
1) Select Button A
2) Rename Button A (The text in the button itself)
3) Insert a checkpoint to make sure the name is correct

The problem that I'm encountering is that I can do steps #1 and #2 just fine, but if I insert a checkpoint then the attributes take on the name, etc., of the current state of "Button A". So if the text was Button A and then I change it using iteration data to "Button B", all of the unique information used for that checkpoint is gone.

Now I have a Project Variable set up that holds what the new text of that button SHOULD be. However, even when I validate the contents of the variable, I can't seem to get the checkpoint to accept the Project Variable as the "Text" of the field. Therefore I continually receive an Element Not Found error when it runs into the checkpoint.

Any idea how I can set the "Text" field for the button attributes to the Project Variable so the checkpoint can find the correct text without failing?

I'm working on a Java application, but there are no unique identifiers for the field such as id or key or anything, there is Action, Name and Text, but these all inherit the current text that is set on the button.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.