I am a Software Localisation student in Ireland. I have to write an essay about QA and Testing and I would appreciate if you can give me some feedback by answering some of these questions. I have to quote my source of reference, so could you please let me know your e-mail? Thank you all for your help!

1.Could you please point out the main tasks that you have to perform as a QA engineer/tester?
2.Could you please describe in general lines the QA process/procedures?
3.In a software application, what needs to be tested?
4.What do you do after finding a bug?
5.Could you please outline the main elements of a bug report?
6.Can you describe briefly under what circumstances a bug has low, medium, high or priority?
7.What does a testing plan consist of?
8.What is the role of documentation in QA?
9.What methods of testing do you use and what feature of the application do you test with each one?
10.If there isn't enough time for thorough testing, how do you decide what to test first?
11.Do you use automated or manual testing tools? What are the advantages and limitations?
12.When does testing take place within the localisation project?