I'm back again

This time I bring along the question of clicking on a particualar hyperlink that is displayed in a particular cell of a dynamic Html Table whose number of rows change dynamically.

I have used a MouseMove command to move the mouse to point to a particular Table Cell by using the Cell Index/Row Index/Section Row Index values. This works!

Then I put in the Click command after it, but this is not working because this command looks for Destination URL(this is generated by complex algorithms in my proj which I cannot go into) and text (I have the same text for various links in a column of the table), both of which I do not really care about.
All I need is to "Click" a on particular link in a particular cell (using Row Index/Cell Index values).

I have tried binding this link to its table cell (with the Index values), but it is failing at the destination url attribute of the hyperlink. I have used //.* in the destination URL and specified search for only Text(specified) of link.

Please let me know how to go about this..