Does anybody have any experience with Javascript errors handling during script playback?
I will concretize and provide you more details on this.

I have test webapp which uses javascript. During playback I need to catch all exceptions and log them (in case of best solution is found to handle them)

Im using IE7 and IE8, so jserrors are represented the following way:
a) Icon in the left bottom corner

b) If we set Internet Options > Advanced -> Display notification about every script error to true, every script error will be shown as the separate window which looks like this:

Seapine support provided me the following solution http://labs.seapine.com/wiki/index.p...g_For_an_Image

But its very slow as I have to check for jserrors after every action.

So Ive implemented solution for (b) using the following function:
Function xJSError()
'If WaitForWindow("JSError", 100) then
'return true
'end if
return true
End Function

Its fast and working fine but Ive faced new problem (The number of problems is just endless, I know)

Js errors can appear everywhere, after every action and in any quantity. So using my xJSError function everywhere will make my script run time just endless.

I need some kind of solution, that will run in background(?) and catch these errors.
Im open to work with .NET external dlls, maybe this will provide solution..

Any ideas about solution? Maybe some workarounds? I think this problem is quite widespread.