I am curious as to how you start a new project. Once you have initiated a new application, and began memorizing the various objects on the screen, do you go into the repository and rename all or at least the most used, objects? My applications have over 100 dropdowns and the like and for accessing them I use EditBoxes, HTMLElements, and ListBoxes. In order to drive the tests I make a list of all of these then put them into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet I call at the start of the tests and place everything required for that test into an array. It would be much easier if the objects were named after the object label, but there are so many that it seems like a thankless task to do so. I just wondered how other coders approached their new applications. What do you keep in the repository and what do you delete from it as useless? Our global repository is so large that it becomes slow to access. I delete the old versions as I update to newer versions of QAWP. But even that ceases to help after a while. Thanks for any information. I'm always trying to improve my scripts.