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    Lack of example code in QAWP

    As someone who hasn't worked in BASIC for quite a while, but knowing a number of other languages, I find Seapine's documentation is lacking.

    Does anyone have a comprehensive function list for reference? Every time I come on the message boards I learn about basic, simple stuff that I didn't know about, like the GetControlData function.

    But SeaPine gives such sparse example code in their documentation, it's difficult to work with.

    Is there something I'm missing? I have qawpuserguide.pdf


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    Re: Lack of example code in QAWP


    You may be able to request a 2007 version from seapine which had good examples of code in the help text. It may be missing some new functionality examples but I found the help in QAWP 2007 good.

    I now have version 2009 and I'm confused why they would completely rewrite the help which was great for anyone starting out with this tool.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Lack of example code in QAWP

    GetControlData is a deprecated function.
    To get property information from controls use the Property() function.
    Documentation for this function can be found in the User Guide and the QA Wizard Pro Help documentation.

    A listing of built in Script functions and procedures is available in version 2009.1.0.
    After installing the upgrade this document can be accessed from
    Start > Programs > Seapine Software > QA Wizard Pro > Documentation > QA Wizard Pro Language Reference Guide
    G. Ndefru
    Software Support Engineer
    Seapine Software, Inc.

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    Re: Lack of example code in QAWP

    What specific QA Wizard Pro scripting examples would you like to see?
    G. Ndefru
    Software Support Engineer
    Seapine Software, Inc.

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    Re: Lack of example code in QAWP

    I would like to see an example call of every function that QAWP defines in the help docs. I don't mean to overwhelm the developers, but just a simple syntactically correct example, side by side with the function definition.

    For example:
    An example of an If...Then, End If:
    If( x = 5 ) Then
    End If

    and An example of a Select....Case:
    The compiler is very specific about what it needs, and so it would be helpful to see examples about how to make the syntax correct.




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