As long as the QA Wizard Pro local and global repositories on a machine are not updated, running version 2009.0.0.1311 will kickoff the repository upgrade process.

The LOCAL repository upgrade runs in the foreground.

The GLOBAL repository upgrade runs in the background.

Both repository upgrades may take several minutes; avoid shutting down your computer while these upgrades are running.

To monitor the progress of your upgrades you can read the log files created in %AppData%\Seapine\QA Wizard Pro\ or C:\QAWRepository.
The message “Upgrade fully completed on…<date goes here>” at the end of both log files means that the upgrade is complete!


1) If there is global repository on the local machine it will be upgraded as well even if you do not reference it as the global repository for your QA team.

2) The global repository and the QA Wizard Pro Client must be the same version to communicate; Global repositories on remote machines will need updating as well.

Contact Seapine Support if you have any issues.