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    tool for java swing application?????

    hi all,

    Can any one suggest a good automated tool for testig java applications(swing) and where can i get a detailed notes for that tool that you suggest.


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    Re: tool for java swing application?????

    There are some that I know of:

    Silktest and Winrunner can both be used for automation of Swing applications. For details u can check up websites of segue and mercury interactive - respectively.

    If your looking for something on the open source end then there are other tools:

    1) Abbot - http://abbot.sourceforge.net/
    2) MarathonMan - http://marathonman.sourceforge.net/

    There is also a list of Java related tools that you can hunt thru:


    Best of Luck [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]



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