Hi all:

I started a new topic as I have new information and specs now.

Here is the environment:

iSereis Server
AS/400 OS/400 v5r1 Server OS
Windows NT/2000 Development Systems
" " " Development WAS
Websphere Production WAS
IBM Apache Web Server
UDB/400 iSeries DB
IBM Java 1.3 JDK/JVM used

I need to locate tools to test for memory leaks and performance first and foremost. Load Balancing and Load testing are NOT important at this stage.
I have been told "Cheap is good, free is better".

ALL tools I have been able to locate so far are for Win/Sun/HP/AIX/Linux. None for the iSeries.

Does anyone have any ideas where I can get the tools I need? I would prefer a one tool solution, but am not holding my breath.

Thanks in Advance,

Chris Anderson


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