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    JAVA, Purify, XML, Soap

    Please hold all negative responses to your self. I'm not here to stroke egos. From the notes I have read, from managers or whatever
    (see: Java API Testing thread). You people should be ashamed. A Manager that expects someone to come into an environment scratch is insane. Managers are supposed to be mentors also. I'm sure that's why some Managers can't keep sound fundamentalist in their organization........I on the other hand take hire intelligent trainable personnel over someone who's been working in a stall for a few years anyway.
    -Technology changes daily. Success is available to those who can keep up.
    -------you can quote me on that.

    Anyway, I'm new here on QAForums and have been managing, developing, testing for 14 years from mainframe to everything else.

    I'm am looking for info on automating VU scripts from a Java UI (on windows) to a server with back and forth xml/soap messages. I have posted for three days now to no avail. Has no one done this before.
    Calling all experts.............

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    Re: JAVA, Purify, XML, Soap

    I haven't done exactly what you're asking ... but, I have done quite a bit of test automation, plus at JavaOne there was a talk on using Robot for something like this.

    The first observation is that the XML/SOAP part is likely not important to the GUI automation aspect. In GUI automation it's not important what happens behind the GUI, instead you're just looking at what keyboard/mouse events to synthesize, and how to synchronize your event generation to the GUI responses the application makes. The application could encode SOAP messages in Morse Code and sent them to Western Union for all the GUI automation cares ...

    At Java One, the talk about Robot was in the use of Robot to automate a client app. The client app spoke some privately developed protocol that serialized Java objects for transmission to a server. The purpose of this automation wasn't to test the client app, but instead to test the SERVER. That is, all his measurements were loading and reliability of the server process, and he was able to use Robot to fire off as many automated client applications as he wanted, to create any load on the server he wanted. The client app was the same the users ran, just running some automated scenarios with Robot.

    BTW, If you want to use Robot - might I suggest investing some time learning Jemmy, since it provides some powerful higher level abstractions to use. In designing Robot we purposely kept it highly minimal to not greatly increase the size of Java while not limiting any possible use (I implemented the Unix side of Robot).

    - David




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