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    automating IE using Vbscript

    Hey guys

    Is there anyway to access the 'File', 'Edit', 'View' , 'Favorites', 'Tools' and 'Help' menu items in the Internet Explorer using Vbscript?

    I am trying to get the value of a particular field in a particular website - however, its very difficult to access it since there are frames involved. So what I plan to do is select 'Edit -> Select All', and then copy and paste.

    I can do 'Select all' using sendkeys 'Cntrl+A', however, the problem is that due to the frames in that particular page, I am not able to set focus to the page (Sendkeys will work only if focus is set on the page)

    Please advise.

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    Re: automating IE using Vbscript

    Hi 3rdworldwar,

    It is little delayed for a response, but have you tried sending Alt+F, Alt+E etc.? That's the standard way to get to these menus and I think it works for IE.


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    Re: automating IE using Vbscript

    Thank you very much, Krish. That was very helpful.



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