Hello Gurus,

we have a discovery system in our landscape based on windows and maxDB. we installed the HP/Mercury diagnoistics probe on the discovery system. in discovery system we have the PI 7.0, Portal, ERP, MDM. when we try to connect through the Diagnoistics probe we are not able to get all the probes which were involved in the standard procurement scenario. here are the list of probes we are able to see and which are not able to see through diagnoistics probe.

Found in Diagnoistics
1) AdobeDocumentServices
2) SupplierA_WS
3) SupplierB_WS
4) SupplierC_WS
5) SupplierD_WS
6) SupplierE_WS
7) XApps_CreatePO_WS
8) XApps_GetQuotesFromSuppliers_WS
9) XApps_GetSupplierByProductID_WS
10) XApps_GoodReceived_WS
11) XApps_SO_WS

Not found in DIagoistics

1) BI_GetSalesORder_InventoryData
2) ESA_CreatePO
3) ESA_CreateSO
4) ESA_GoodReceived
5) MDM_GetListOfSuppliers
6) XApps_XI_GoodsReceived_WS_Proxy
7) XApps_XI_PO_WS_Proxy
8) XApps_XI_Quotes_WS_Proxy
9) XApps_XI_SO_WS_Proxy

Please help us to enable the webservices from sap which are not found in the diagnoistics to enable. please help...