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    Testing a Chat Application


    I am assigned to test a chat application. Please let know if there are any common defect repositories availible over the internet which common bugs encountered in a chat application.


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    Re: Testing a Chat Application

    not knowing anything about chat apps but drunk enough to post my input...

    - reply from second user not visible as second user uses incorrect characters (i.e. uses ASCII Alt+something codes as his keyboard is crappy for his purposes)
    - special characters from second user displayed incorrectly (e.g. } instead of ) using a different keyboard / language setting not properly displayed
    - user not able to log on due to keyboard / language settings
    - chat window (the thing which is supposed to just display messages from all chat partners) allows overrides
    - windows key combinations don't work (Ctrl C Ctrl V (copypaste), etc.
    - inability to enter line breaks (Enter results in sending. so... apply (e.g. Ctrl Enter to make sure you can do a line break in a message)
    - if a chat application is supposed to let more then 2 users chat with each other, make sure that that works

    i have no clue about the technical side of chat boxes but seeing you're looking for some advice I post my broad ideas based on own chat experiences anyhow... big thing here, in any case, is, that you get another person (chatter) to test with you.

    Nobody's perfect.



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