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    Software Requirements -- New Book

    Karl Wiegers has announced the publication of his fourth book, "Software Requirements, Second Edition" from Microsoft Press
    (ISBN 0-7356-1879-8). This is a major enhancement of the first edition, which appeared in 1999. For more information, visit: ttp://www.processimpact.com/pubs.shtml#reqs.

    Karl's first edition has been critically acclaimed, and justly so.

    I am a big fan of Karl's and have found the first edition of his book to be a real gem. I have had a limited role in reviewiung parts of the new edition, and from what I have seen it should be even better.

    Please forward this message to anyone who you think might find this book interesting.



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    Re: Software Requirements -- New Book

    Can it be found yet on the books link here?

    -- Jean

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    Re: Software Requirements -- New Book

    Hi Ross,

    I agree with you. Karl Wiegers is very knowledgeable in this field.

    He provided input to the first chapter's item 2 "Verify the requirements" of my new book "Effective Software Testing."

    The first chapter "Requirements Phase" consists of the following items:

    Chapter I: Requirements Phase
    1. Involve testers from the beginning
    2. Verify the requirements (includes input from Karl)
    3. Design test procedures as soon as requirements are available
    4. Ensure that requirement changes are communicated
    5. Beware of developing and testing based on an existing system

    Suzanne Robertson is another expert in the requirements field – her feedback is also incorporated into the first chapter of EST.

    See Suzanne’s book Mastering the Requirements Process .

    I also value her work in the requirements field.

    -- Elfriede

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