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    Kinds of requirements verifying


    I know that there are several kinds of requirements verifying – testing, inspection, demonstration, analisys.
    Could anybody tell in detail about inspection, demonstration, analisys.



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    Re: Kinds of requirements verifying

    I think if you do a little searching that you will find examples of these verification methods. These have been around for a long time. Here is a quick set of definitions. Basically, they are just what they say.

    Inspection- Verification of requirements conformance without the use of testing procedures. An inspection of code to verify compliance to a coding standard is an example.

    Analysis- A review of a set of data to verify that a mathematical process was performed correctly. Use of math models or simulation to verify a design. Use of data recording and reduction to prove proper operation.

    Demonstration- Verification by operational use that a system or system component is correctly performing its functions under a specific set of conditions. Doesn’t normally require any special analysis to determine correct operation.

    Test- Verification of correct operation under all conditions. Sometimes requires additional analysis of resulting data.

    Larry Schneller
    IT QCC



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