We're all experienced in writing test plans, where the audience is assumed to be some variation of inexperienced user, or the proverbial person off the street. Where new functionality is being introduced, I always explore the functionality as thoroughly as the available documentation allows, the first time through. Subsequently, I would not include so much detail, presuming that the person running the tests has learned from the first use of the functionality, or at least the first run through the functionality is still available for reference.

In my current project, the test plans will be targeted to people who can be readily identified as a SME (Subject Matter Expert). In such an instance, the test steps need to be at a much higher level, the user need not be shown which button to click, which data to select, etc. They know the application, they use it on a daily, or at least regular, basis.

My role is to establish guidelines and benchmarks for other business units to write their own tests. The tests need to test the functionality as fully as possible, not for new functionality, but to establish that known functionality still works in the same manner.

I've already identified certain points that will be addressed in the guidelines. I'm looking for any reference material on targeting this type of audience to get another perspective. So far, I haven't found anything of real use.