I am currently in the process of trying to implement a Use Case Driven approach to gathering requirements. I have done a lot of research on this method. I am currently studying the Use Cases-Requirements in Context book by Daryl Kulak and have read Allistar's book.

I am very excited about implementing this approach, however, there are few areas that I am still a little unclear on.

Up until this point I have been gathering requirements in list type approach. This made it fairly simple to trace each requirement to test cases, defects, etc. Going with the use case approach, one use case could possibly have multiple requirements. I am trying to use the use cases as the requirements, therefore, not extracting list type requirements from them. Does anyone have any suggestions on a traceability approach in doing use cases this way.

This is the way I would like to attack this:

Write use cases, perform risk analysis, design test requirements, design traceability matrix and write technical spec.

From this documentation - Design test cases, based on use cases, risk and test requirements. Execute tests, report defects, re-test, etc.

The only part I am unsure of is the traceability of the requirements (use cases). I currently use Excel for my traceability matrix and would like to continue using it if possible.

I realize this is a somewhat truncated list of what needs to be done throughout the project lifecycle, but I am trying not get any more longwinded than I already have.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...